The story of Tilda is one of unbroken success. Tilda was the first company to bring Basmati to the Western world over 50 years ago and has become an international food brand selling in over 50 countries across the globe, which includes Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

Tilda Middle East was established in 1992 and caters to retail/traditional outlets, HORECA and Royal palaces across Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Egypt.  Tilda is the market leader in the Basmati rice category in the Middle East.

Tilda’s fairplay promise
Tilda has for many years worked hand-in-hand with the Basmati farming community and taken   on the mantle of guardianship of this precious grain. Insisting on a fair partnership, Tilda supports more than 10,000 independent farmers whom are known by name, and provides free advice on the cultivation, propagation and harvesting of Basmati, enabling them to secure a fair price in the marketplaces or ‘mandis’.

Grains of truth
Basmati remains at the very heart of Tilda and we are committed to selecting only the finest Basmati for all our products. Indeed, Tilda refuses to blend with inferior grains. In our quest for the very best Basmati, Tilda employs the latest technology and checks every batch of rice for purity, ensuring only the finest and purest rice reaches the consumers’ plate.

Tilda is proud of its reputation for uncompromising quality and commitment to sustaining the legendary status of Basmati and the Tilda brand worldwide.


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