About Us

Trusted Since 1991

Ayman Afandey Co. (AAC) was established in 1991 to provide the Egyptian consumer with globally prominent premium FMCG Brands. In this regard, the AAC became rapidly the largest channel distribution company of FMCG brands in Egypt.

The outstanding performance of AAC, over two decades, enabled the company to grow, prosper and possess the customers’ and partners’ trust and gain the confidence of the local and international markets. Moreover, our experience in marketing and distribution of FMCG brands, led us to be the preferred partner to globally recognized manufacturers, in their effort to reach their target consumers in the Egyptian market.

Meanwhile, AAC has solid and influential relations with all modern and traditional trade sectors in Egypt. Our special facilities and capabilities enable AAC to be a unique distributor that provides marketing functions and solutions. In addition, AAC has a diversified reach, efficient supply chain and operation cycle, and a strong distribution network. Therefore, our customers vary from large retail chains, wholesalers, distributors, retailers to mega markets.

Our Mission & Values

To foster mutually beneficial relationships and strong partnerships with leading FMCG industry players around the world to bring a broad range of quality products and prestigious FMCG brands, that satisfy the changing needs of our customers and exceed their expectations, as well as sharing success with our partners.


To lead Egypt’s FMCG distribution and marketing industry and be the no. 1 choice for international companies to launch their brands in Egypt and achieve further profitable growth.


AAC is going ahead with its expansion plans nationwide, as well as seeking world class business brand-partners. Also, we will continue investing in brand building plans, to gain high visibility for our brands, through implementing efficient marketing programs, robust distribution plans, maintaining operational excellence, developing new business formats, while encouraging our employees to innovate, take steps freely and react fast to changing circumstances to advance our outstanding reputation and gain major achievements along the way, setting the road for others to follow as we grow.       


Our business values are the guidelines that control our daily activities and guarantee achieving our business objectives, while satisfying all our partners. Our values are the preferred practices that express our culture and drive our business growth. We assert honesty, integrity and commitment to promises, as well as excellence, accountability and responsibility for what we do. More importantly, we are determined to apply the highest standards of corporate governance to promote and ensure our values.        


Ayman Shahin Group (ASG) is the trade name of a group that holds various members under its umbrella. AS Group’s main lines of business in Egypt include manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. These tasks are broken down into the following members:

  • Ayman Afandey Company (AAC) Distribution and Marketing.
  • Port Said for Food & Beverage Manufacturing Co.
  • Ayman Shahin Co. for Importation.
  • Happy Foods Distribution and Manufacturing.
  • Sweet Life Co.


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