PINAR, the leader of the food and beverage industry and preferred by consumers for its quality since its foundation in 1973, is a brand name having a wide range of products like milk, meat, and water products which meet diverse needs of consumers. PINAR, which keeps up-to-date with new trends in the world, maintains its leadership with its various product ranges. PINAR was the company which introduced Turkey to the novelties of the food industry.

Yaşar Holding Food and Beverage Group continues its activities with its more than 4 thousand employees working in the company. Pınar Süt, Pınar Et, Yaşar Birleşik Pazarlama, Pınar Anadolu, Çamlı Yem Besicilik, Pınar Su, and Pınar Foods.

PINAR gives unlimited confidence to its consumers through its consumer-focused works and without compromising from quality. Since the day it was founded, PINAR has been the ‘’Yaşam Pınarı” (the spring of life) for millions of people for generations, offering products which are the source of health, delight, and innovation. This spring of life was born, grown up and developed based on the three essential elements: health, taste and innovation.


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