Wafer and chocolate specialties… Sold all over the world!

We have come to be accustomed to it: the appetite for Loacker is growing the world over. And our second production site in Heinfeels is in full swing too. It is typical Loacker: the factory at the heart of the natural, un-spoilt environment of the Dolomites, just like our home base in Unitrin. At both locations, ultramodern production plants ensure the supply of consistently high-quality products. From the gentle treatment of the untreated raw materials to the wrapping of the products fresh from the oven, everything is controlled and monitored. How we manage to make the most sophisticated fine confectionery from the conveyor belt is our secret.

The name Loacker has become an internationally famous brand, sought after in more than 80 countries. It has gone its own way unswervingly to this day. What has always helped us and still does is our family firm status. We can determine every step for ourselves, and for generations we have set store by the highest quality. For all the diversity of our range, an unchanging fundamental rule for us is to be identical in every market and to adhere to identical packaging design. Whether in America, Europe or Asia, the same Loacker specialties are to be found everywhere, and people recognize them immediately, first by the packaging and then by the inimitable, naturally fresh taste.


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