Dofreeze is established as a leading player in the snacking and bakery industry in the Middle East and Asia. We operate and run a state of the art manufacturing facility with several automated industrial production lines to produce premium quality, long shelf-life branded cakes, croissants and a comprehensive range of frozen dough products. These products are sold to over 50 countries across five continents through an extensive sales and distribution network.
This enables Dofreeze to produce trend setting, world class high quality products.

Whether it’s cookies, brownies, or everything in-between, Dofreeze manufactures a plethora of premium quality baked goods products across more than five powerful brand networks.

The EUROCAKE brand of products includes a premium lineup of baked snacks that Dubai has been craving, including croissants, cupcakes, muffins, Swiss rolls and more. From the attention-grabbing packaging to the uniqueness of the quality and freshness, the essence of these delicious treats are embedded within the Eurocake tagline: Taste the Difference!

BAKE NATURLY is a reflection of healthful snacking philosophies derived from “nature” and “natural” perspectives…launched by the Dofreeze team with a passion for food and the environment.

A sumptuous taste of France! The rich, scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth premium selection of French Delights Le Gâteau est un Délice is nothing short of the ordinary. Delice is the culmination of years perfecting such delectable indulgences as Brownies with Belgian Chocolate Chips, Marble Petit Loaf Cake, Blueberry and Double Chocolate Pound Cakes, Blueberry and Double Chocolate Muffins and the five delicious Cake Rolls in an almost endless variety of rich and palatable flavors.

We offer something unique to our local and foreign patrons and ensure they enjoy a memorable snacking experience every time



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